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Simpli™ Germicidal Disposable Wipes

Product Details: Simpli™ Wipes

  • Safe for non-porous surfaces
  • 2-minute kill time
  • Durable, non-woven
  • Disposable
  • Ready supply available
  • Ready to ship
  • One size

Order Today: 800-227-3215 ext. 2451


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Why MedicA+?

MedicA+ is built on the following: the A+ promise and a desire to provide healthcare solutions. These elements are backed by a trusted brand name dating back decades. Since the beginning of the pandemic eruption through our nation, we were instantly able to set ourselves apart from other emerging healthcare suppliers.

The MedicA+ PPE initiative is a natural fit, and our primary intent is to supply unparalleled and long-lasting products that serve the sole purposes of protecting frontline workers and keeping our beloved communities safe.